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Gulf of Maine Conservas
Bluefin Tuna Dinner


March 6th - Sunday - 6:00 pm

Local chefs team up with Bluefin Fisherman to raise money for tuna research


Chefs Shane Stark of Mongers Market and Kitchen 

Chef Rene Garza of Suerte and Este 

Chef Julien Hawkins of Hestia

Chef Yoni Lang of Wolf and the Fox Dallas and

Chef Bradley Nicholson of Luties and the Commodore Perry Estate

have teamed with artisan bluefin Tuna fisherman, Keper Connell of Rye Harbor, NH to raise money for the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute.

At GMRI, Dr Walt Golet leads a team of researchers and students studying Western and Eastern Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Populations using satellite and radio tags along with other methods to to better understand breeding patterns, diet, size and age in conjunction with regulators to better manage such a complex species that travels thousands of miles a year. Dr Walt also sits on multiple stakeholder boards including NOAA Highly Migratory Species panels and as of our representative for the USA with ICCAT (International Commison for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas)


Atlantic Bluefin are one of the most misunderstood and sometimes maligned fish in the world and have finally after years of struggles been recognized as a sustainable fishery in the USA. To continue this rebound, dinners like this make it easier for Dr Walt to do their job while raising public awareness for the fish, and the people who catch them. Keper Connel relies on almost all of his annual income on Bluefin Tuna harvesting and charters along with his new venture, Gulf of Maine Conservas which is a line of canned Seafood items that he catches including Tuna, American Lobster, and Atlantic Mackeral. 


The dinner at Mongers Market and Kitchen will be held on Sunday, March the 6th at 6pm and will include canapés and a welcome cocktail from Still Austin followed by a 6 course dinner featuring all different cuts from a single Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Keper will be in attendance and roaming around talking about the fishery and what his day to day is all about. Tickets will be sold thru mongers reservation platform on Resy.  Tickets will be $120 per person including tax/tip and beverage pairings for the dinner are an additional $60 per person. 

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